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Use of the paper

Release paper is a suppport that is utilized in the industrial production of synthetic leather, PU coated splits, and synthetic textiles.

Its surface is non-stick an on it is engraved a pattern through an embossing operation. During the industrial process a multi layer film of synthetic products like PU, PVC or PU+PVC, is applied to the release paper. The chemical products is liquid and become solid during dryng operation.

At the end of the coating and drying process the obtained film, still on the release paper is coupled with a support that can be split leather, textile, microfibre, non woven or synthetic textile; after this operation the release paper is detached from the film, that now forms a unique body with the support, and the neagtive embossed pattern of the paper appears as positive on the surface of the film+support.

Our support coupled with the film has now a new surface with tridimensional pattern that should:

  • geometric (dots, optical, ...)
  • fantasy design (flowers, ...)
  • textile (linen, denim effect, ...)
  • natural leather grains (calf, elephant, deer, snakes, ...)

The finished product is utilized in different field:

  • garments
  • upholstery
  • footwear
  • leather accessories
  • automotive

The release paper secret is the embossed pattern: as much natural, fine, deep and with high definition it is the pattern on the release paper, as much nice, natural and of higher quality it will be the finished product.

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