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Polyester film - Neutral mat


Transfer film light, is used to finish the leather or other materials, gives a slight opacity to the finishing, thanks to the matt support.
It is ideal for opacify the glossy surfaces such as metal foils or those who want to get a slight mate effect.

Technical characteristcs

Roll of 1.000 mt – thickness 12 micron – width 1500 mm
Roll of 1.000 mt – thickness 12 micron – width 1800 mm
On request is possible to supply with greater thickness.


Transferring by hot pressing.
It is possible to use on various material like leathers, synthetic supports, PU / PVC etc..

Working conditions

Transferring temperature 110-120° C for two seconds to be increase depending of the working speed.
Once you transferred the product wait till it gets cold before removing the film.
You get a result of light mat finishing.

Since the machinery and methods differ from customer to customer, the above observations are for reference only. The user must verify the suitability of the product and its method of application by performing laboratory tests before ordering the product.

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