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Release Paper

Embossed release paper

Komet is European distributor of non-silicon Release Paper DN-TP developed anand manufactured by Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd., and commercialized to countries around the globe by Ajinomoto Trading, Inc.

The pattern designs of release paper are closely linked to the latest trends. We endeavor to proactively gather the latest fashion trends every year in order to meet the latest need of the time. In addition to our standard range of more than 100 patterns, we plan new designs every year and announce them at trade shows exhibitions.
"DN-TP" is known for its originality and variety and is the center of attention of the world’s manufacturer of synthetic leather, and manufacturers of sporting goods and automobiles that use synthetic leather.

The quality:

careful selection, pondered through years of experience and cutting-edge technology, allow us to get the best quality of the base paper and consequently a really special release paper for easy use and for resistance to several passages.

Release Paper Design

The beauty of design:

the designs developed by Dai Nippon, Japanese company established itself on the market from many years, with advanced technology and high quality products, offer high-fidelity reproduction of the designs that perfectly reproduce the natural skin, exotic grains, various tissues, geometric designs, nubuck etc.

Wide range of designs:

Seed of inspiration

DN-TP is expanding with new trendy designs of release paper that make it more attractive and that allow our customers the widest and complete choice.
The product concept behind DN-TP is that of providing customers with designs and information that cause ideas to germinate and grow.

Komet Srl, supply DN-TP release papers, with warehouse service for prompt delivery from Italy, granted quick delivery and qualified assistance.

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