Release Paper, Flat release Paper, Printing and coating cylinders, foils, Paillettes 25 Years

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What we think
(Valuable and useful service)

The Komet Srl is the ideal partner for the supply and assistance in the finishing of synthetic leather and leathers, offering a range of differentiated products, but also closely related to each other in range of the realization of quality finishes.

The products

  • Embossed release paper "from DN-TP collection"
  • Flat release paper High Gloss Mirror, Semi Gloss Mirror and semi mat mirror
  • Printing, tipping and coating cylinders
  • Special tapes for joining release paper
  • Metallic transferring foils, Paillettes, Hot foil

The service

Komet proposes a full service. From the research, that allow to anticipate the fashion trends, to the new proposals through the realization of new articles that show the potentiality of our products (papers and rolls) and offer new production ideas to our customers.

The quality

Komet offers products of maximum quality Such as DN-TP developed and manufactured by Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd., and commercialized to countries around the globe by Ajinomoto Trading, Inc
And then: products at fashion service like the printing cylinders always up to date and developed using the latest generation engraving technology.

The advantages

  • You are always in the van: Komet anticipates the trend tendency and influences the creativity of the biggest stylists of the world
  • Count on the know how of two big companies Komet Srl and Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
  • Take the advantage of absolute quality of the mirror/semi-gloss and semi-mat paper, that makes possible to gain high standards in the gloss finishing.
  • Choose between a wide range of patterns and effects, thousands of proposals from DN-TP release papers and always new printing cylinders.
  • Count on our pro lab test always available for trying practically our proposal.
Komet Relase Paper Mirror
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