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Mechanically engraved cylinders for "forward coating/tipping" applications and "millepunti" effect

These cylinders are called "synchro" because the engraved cylinder and the counter-item turn in the same direction and with the same speed.
These cylinder trunk-pyramidal are real tanks that become full of product when passing trough the containment blade, becoming empty when in contact with the leather. The capacity of this kind of screen depends on the pyramidal-trunk volume, therefore there is not a coating mechanical action but a simple product pour off from the screen to the leather.

This application permits to coat either embossed leather where is request two-tones effects utilizing little prints from 48 to 60L or with deep engraving (from 12 to 16 L) utilized for coating of aniline deying application of hot or cold wax.

Engraving types

  • Traditional engraving used with special knurling for direct engraving on iron.
  • "Hell" electronic engraving

This type of incision is recommended to obtain a more uniform coating and a more homogeneous distribution of the product on the material surface.

Code of screened cylinder for synchro application

The code with which the "millepunti" type cylinder capacities are indentified, expressed the alveolus quantity per centimetre. For istance: in the code 10L there are 10 alveolus per centimetre, in the code 48L there are 48 alveolos per centimetre.
Lower is the code and higher is the capacity and viceversa.

To whom it is useful

Our cylinders are suitable for any producers of leather, synthetic leather, wood, glass, plastic, rubber that need to customized their articles and that would like upgrade their production rendering it exclusive.

Capacity of cylinders
Type of
mmc/sq cm
Type of
mmc/sq cm
6 L24,346 L2,96
8 L14,648 L2,59
10 L10,07550 L2,54
12 L10,71460 L2,21
20 L7,5565 L1,8
24 L6,42270 L1,51
28 L5,42180 L1,4
30 L4,55490 L1,12
32 L4,43100 L0,87
34 L4,335120 L0,59
36 L4,007130 L0,54
38 L3,34140 L0,41
40 L3,28150 L0,33
42 L3,18160 L0,28

The most used

  • 16L, 20L coating on upholstery buffed, heated oils and waxes application
  • 24L, 32L coating on garments buffed or upholstery full grain
  • 48L coating on garments full grain “millepunti” effects
  • 60L “millepunti” effects on particularly thin grains.

The capacities are merely indicative and they changes accordino to the engraved cylinder rotation speed, the transport speed and engraved cylinder relation, product density, type of support.

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