Polyester Protective Film for Conveyor and “Carteggio” Film Poliestere

Light polyester Transfer Film, mainly used to protect the machine’s conveyor belt., reducing stains and maintenance.
It can be used as film for “carteggio”, giving gloss to the finished leather.

Technical features

Thickness: 12/19/23 micron
Roll height: 1500/1800 mm
Roll lenght: 1000/3000 Mt
Core diameter: 76 mm
Prompt delivery

How to use

The film is used as conveyor belt during the lamination, at the end it will be re-wrap by the retractor.

How to use for “Carteggio”

It can be used in calender or in press section, temperature 110-120°C. The film will be re-wrap as it comes out from the machine.

Temperature resistance: 130°C for 1 minute.