DNTP Release Papers – Technical Features

Polypropylene non-silicone Coating Release Papers, ideal for finishing on water-base polyurethanes. Industrial rolls are 1500 linear meters long (some patterns are 1000mt or 1200mt long) and 1530mm high (some patterns are 1700, 1510, 1490 high). Paper’s weight range: from 155 to 250 gr/mq.

A wide range of temperature resistance type:

AP type: suitable for low temperature max. 160°C, mainly used for PU production
APZ type: suitable for high temperature max. 190°C, mainly used for PVC or PU-PVC production
APH type: suitable for high temperature max. 210°C, mainly used for PVC production
P type: developed on patent paper, temperature resistance up to 220°C, suitable for every kind of production.

DNTP patterns collection includes 2 categories:

DE Series: Authentic grain, genuine leather imitation, fine or deep grain; “nappa”, calf, goat.. Browse DE catalogue now.
UM Series: Unique Material, technical designs, geometrical, holographic effect, glossy, matt, nubuck etc.. Browse UM catalogue now
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