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Mechanically engraved cylinder for reverse coating

Reverse Roll

The doctor blade works as an inkpot and leaves the product along the canals made by the back side of the engraved pyramidal trunk. When the leather touches the engraved cylinder, the product moves on the leather.

At the same time, the cylinder is uniformly pressed and coated by the base of engrave pyramid trunk. The cylinder, turning in the opposite way to the advancing direction of the leather, effects a mechanical coating repeated action realizing a perfect product uniformity and anchorage on the leather.

What they are and the application of Reverse cylinders

It allows to obtain an homogeneous and uniform finishing, the machine spread the product on the materials with a strength mechanical action that guarantees the perfect stretching on the surface.
This action is particularly important in the finishing where the compactness and homogeneousity are important factors.

Our cylinders are suitable for any producers of leather, synthetic leather, wood, glass, plastic, rubber that need to customized their articles and that would like upgrade their production rendering it exclusive.

The reverse coating allows to obtain:

  • Resin impregnation
  • Adhesive application
  • Light finishing and finish application
  • Varnish application
  • Application with heated cylinder of oils, wasex, paraffins.

Reverse roll trunk pyramidal

Capacity of cylinders
Code KometGr per sq/ftGr per mq
8Bda 33 a 40da 355 a 430
10Bda 24 a 33da 258 a 355
10Cda 18 a 27da 194 a 290
20Bda 15 a 25da 162 a 269
20Cda 12 a 18da 129 a 194
30Ada 10 a 16da 108 a 172
30Xda 8 a 12da 86 a 129
30Cda 5 a 10da 54 a 108
30Fda 3 a 6da 32 a 65
50Cda 3 a 6da 32 a 65
55Cda 2 a 5da 21 a 53
55Fda 1 a 4da 10 a 43
60Ada 1 a 3da 10 a 32

The capacities are merely indicative and they changes accordino to the engraved cylinder rotation speed, the transport speed and engraved cylinder relation, product density, type of support.

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