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Mirror Paper

Flat release paper high-gloss effect

Our flat release paper MIRROR is one of the most used and appreciated thanks to its very deep glossiness that give a real patent leather effect.


  • Paper structure very stable, there are no folding problems and it can be perfected coated without problems
  • No pre-release problem
  • Very resistant paper: it allow to make several passages without present any problem of fragility and consequent possible breaking.
  • Less subject to scratches that is one of the most frequent problem on coating flat papers
  • Point of glosss: a high-gloss, very deep, very appreciated from our customers.
Mirror Paper

Technical characteristics

Weight: 180 gsm +/- 9
Heat resistance: 190° C max
Thickness: 174 microns +/- 10
Rolls: length 2.000 meters, height 1.520/1560 mm.

DIN A3 and sample rolls available to run a test.

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