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Semi Lucida Paper

Flat release paper with Semi-gloss effect

Following the success of the high gloss MIRROR this new flat paper offer the possibility to obtain smooth article with brush effect and point of glossimess very appreciated by the customers.


  • Paper structure very stable, there are no folding problems and it can be perfected coated without problems
  • No pre-release problem
  • Very resistant paper: it allow to make several passages without present any problem of fragility and consequent possible breaking
  • Less subject to scratches that is one of the most frequent problem on coating flat papers
  • Glossiness : this is the Semi-gloss required from the market, the effect is brushed effect like the prestigious brushed full grain calf.
Semi Lucida Paper

Technical characteristics

Weight: 180 gsm +/- 9
Heat resistance: 190° C max
Thickness: 174 microns +/- 10
Rolls: 2.000 meters, height 1.520/1560 mm.

DIN A3 and sample rolls available to run a test.

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