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Protective polyester film for conveyor belt


Light Transfer film, used as a protection, for not to stain the felt of the machine and to prevent the excess foil from sticking on it.
Prolongs life of the felts and reduces its maintenance, with considerable savings in exercise. Can be provided in height 1500 mm. and 1800 mm. according to the size of the machine.

Technical characteristics

Roll of 1.000 mt – thickness 12 micron – width 1500 mm.
Roll of 1.000 mt – thickness 12 micron – width 1800 mm.
It is sell in pallet with 15 rolls of 1.000 mt each.
Available also with greater thickness (23 – 36 µm etc.)


The film is applied over the felt to prevent its stains. The film is used as conveyor belt during the lamination, and after it is rewound by a rewinder.

Working conditions

Resistance of the film to heat: 130 ° C / 1 min (hot oven)

Since the machinery and methods differ from customer to customer, the above observations are for reference only. The user must verify the suitability of the product and its method of application by performing laboratory tests before ordering the product.

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