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Printing cylinders with design engraving

Printing cylinders

Komet supply any kind of printing cylinders: cylinders of very high quality, engraved with vanguard technologies to satisfy the various production requirement.

Engraving types

  • "Hell" electronic engraving
  • "Autotipica" photoengraver
  • Laser technology

What we offer

  • hundreds of designs available in our exclusive catalogue
  • exclusive designs: we re-produce any type of customized design upon customers specific requests.
  • raster cylinders for coating
  • photographic re-production - cromalin
  • trial prints
  • re-production of trade marks
  • laboratory service available for tests on customer’s supports
  • maintenance, de-chroming/chroming service, re-engraving, repairing.

Engraving depth

Selected design permitting and without changing its structure, it is possible increase the engraved volume in order to grant a more evident design effect , this is particularly interesting during printing on very irregular or high absorption surfaces.
The laser technology has further enlarged this possibility allowing other personalization both in depth and sharpness of the engraving.

Designs of our catalogue

Our designs has been developed by a designers team in co-operation with the more well-known stylistic firms : our patterns are always in the lead and successful.

Delivery time

Rapid delivery time to satisfy the requests of a market continuously in progress.

Products made with Printing cylinders

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