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Cilindri a Disegno

Application fields

What they are and where it makes use of them

Printing cylinders are utilized for printing effects, that is apply one colour design on any material surface. This operation is done through specific machines and different technologies in accordance to the support to be printed. The design engraved on the cylinder is faithfully transferred on the support's surface.

Our cylinders are suitable for any producers of leather, synthetic leather, wood, glass, plastic, rubber that needs to customized their articles with fashion effects, trade marks and that would like up-grade their production rendering it exclusive.

Technical data

Our cylinders are constructed with special steel and chromium plated on the surface, following the technical drawing supplied by the customer.

Main characteristics:

  • High definition of the pattern
  • variable depth of pattern
  • degrading effects
  • special chromium plated whit high resistance
  • diameter: minimum 150 mm., maximum 350 mm.
  • Max working width: 3.500 mm

Nota: Poiché i macchinari e i metodi di applicazione possono variare da cliente a cliente, le osservazioni sopra riportate servono solo come riferimento. L'utilizzatore deve verificare l'idoneità del prodotto e del suo metodo di applicazione effettuando delle prove di laboratorio prima di ordinare il prodotto.

Examples Finished Products

Examples Finished Products

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