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Metallic transferring foil

Komet supply metallic foil for transfer application. It is applicable to any type of synthetic support, genuine leather, rubber and other similar materials. Available in both total and partial transfer and the following thicknesses:

16 Micron 19 Micron 50 Micron

Transfer film with design

Transfer film with design (with and without thermal-resins) of various colours, hot stamping on various support like PU/PVC, textile, leather etc..

P Series TS Series A Series Catalogue of film with design

Polyester Film

Light film transfer, is used for the finishing of leather or other material.

Neutral mat Treated mat High gloss Black high gloss Protective film for conveyor


This particular type of product differs from the others because it is made of special resins in large thicknesses that create designs, this is transferred to the final product enhancing it.
In addition to the visual effect of the designs, the same also is perceptible to the touch.

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Transfer foil Transfer film with design foil

Transfer film Color Transfer film Transfer foil

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